Eastern Europe

On the right path: Zaporizhia, Ukraine and Bryansk, Russia

As part of our project "Saving Animals with Computers", we supported two more universities to implement humane education.

Zaporizhia, Ukraine

In 2017, we had signed an agreement with the Department of Normal Physiology at the 2nd Medical Faculty of the University of Zaporizhia. Thanks to the positive experiences of this department Igor Belenichev, head of the Department of Pharmacology and Medical Prescription, became aware of humane teaching.

By using old Soviet films, the Department was already almost animal-free. "Only" 50 rats were still being killed each year. Our aim is to support interested university teachers on their way to an animal-free education - no matter where they are on this path. Modern teaching requires modern teaching tools. Certainly, old Soviet films are not sufficient. So, we gladly accepted the wish of the head of the department and provided a laptop, a video projector and a lot of films and software. The handover and signing of the agreement took place on 11th January 2019.

The Team of the Department of Pharmacology and Medical  Prescription, 2nd Medical Faculty Zaporizhia. 

Bryansk, Russia

At the University of Bryansk, Russia, the only faculty that used to use animals was the faculty of Natural Geography. The responsible university teachers agreed to stop all animal experiments.

The Russian Center for Animal Rights (VITA) organized a small conference on bioethics and humane education to make the event of signing the agreement solemn for the university. The faculty received a number of computer simulations and films from us and InterNICHE. VITA provided "Jerry," a life-size dog training manikin. Thanks to the donations all physiological experiments will be stopped. The agreement was signed on 10th Dec. 2018. As of 1st Sept. 2019, the University of Bryansk is completely animal-free!

Agreements signed at the University of Bryansk.

15th August 2019
Dr. Corina Gericke

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