Eastern Europe

Saving animals with computers

In Eastern Europe, there is great potential for replacing animal experiments in higher education with animal-free teaching methods. Thus, animal lives can be saved with relatively simple means. Many teachers are open to modern computer-aided education. Mostly there is only a lack of information and financial resources. In cooperation with InterNICHE we provide help on both levels.
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Success in Ukraine

Six further institutes in L’viv, Luts’k, Simferopol, Kharkiv, Melitipol and Poltava turn to humane education. Every year 5,300 animals will not be cruelly killed anymore.

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3,600 animals at 4 universities saved

Another visit to Ukraine in September/October 2009 resulted in a great success! Seven departments of four universities in Simferopol, Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa received animal-friendly teaching tools, saving more than 3,600 animals per year.  

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Promoting humane teaching methods

Information stalls at scientific congresses are useful to raise the interest of university teachers for humane teaching methods. And our media work helps promoting the issue in the Ukrainian public.

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