School project

Project for young people

We are facing times of increasing violence on all levels, even in primary schools. This makes it more important than ever to have children learn about ethical measures of value as early as possible. We have evidence that callousness and cruelty against animals are the foundation stones for brutalization, recklessness and cruelty against people. Consideration for the weak and support of the helpless should not be limited to humans.

Especially the subject of animal experiments affects our life a lot. We know from countless letters of children – who are often not older than 10, 12 or 13 – how much animal suffering occupies those children’s mind. It is surprising to see their ability to criticize and their clearness in understanding the problems and in showing their sympathy with the suffering creature. We consistently learn from projects which students or dedicated teachers have created. We take this as an opportunity to offer age-based and independent information to schools.

In addition to interactive lectures we offer reading and graphical material. Our school project is supposed to inform, show possibilities of approach and give ideas and stimulation for own activities. Above all we want to sensitize children for the suffering of helpless creatures and make them understand that they are not alone with their feelings. The message is: together with others – no matter of what age – we may actively achieve something positive for animals.

The events are being run by the veterinaries Dr. Martina Kuhtz-Böhnke and Astrid Reinke. For many years these two veterinary surgeons have been working in schools, parishes or summer camps on the subject »animal welfare«. They have successfully completed the animal welfare teaching training program of Graz/Austria.

Friendly animals make sure that the atmosphere is relaxed.

The pupils are full of committment, when they draw their thoughts about animal experiments.

When talking about the issue of animal experiments it can't be avoided to address the suffering of animals. The children can express their feelings and together we can work on strategies on what we can do to help the animals.

We are also working with children at summer camps.

One group of pupils wrote a play with glove puppets about the issue of animal experiments and designed an advertising poster for it.

The glove puppet play was performed publicly. Many passer-bys stopped and watched.